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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionApplication TypeCategoryAddressApplicant Names
DA.2022.1031.A18/11/2022Construction of a dwelling house; Modification: Alter finished floor levelsModification ApplicationS4.55(1A) - Minimal environmental impact8 Hegarty Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Alessandro Rosario Tine
DA.2019.1162.B7/11/2022Dwelling and secondary dwelling; Modification: remove secondary dwellingModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications36 Bigga Place GOOGONG NSW 2620Alan Grant Lance Silva
DA.2021.1774.A4/11/2022Construction of a single storey dwelling; Modification: Amend finished floor levelsModification ApplicationS4.55(1A) - Minimal environmental impact10 Bobac Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 Googong Constructions Pty Limited
DA.2020.1170.A2/11/202243 multi dwellings, one studio dwelling, and strata subdivision; Modification: Amend garage finished floor levelsModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications67 Mary Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Tomi Milin
DA.2022.1067.A1/11/2022Construction of a dwelling house; Modification: change in finished floor levelModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications14 Bobac Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Hayley Caroline Travers, Stecol Homes Pty Limited
DA.2021.1599.A1/11/2022Continued use of a secondary dwelling and garage; Modification: amendments to conditionsModification ApplicationS4.55(1) Minor Modification147 Donnelly Road BYWONG NSW 2621David Anthony Booth, Deborah Joan Booth
DA.2022.159024/10/2022Alterations and additions to dwelling house; remove 3 internal walls and existing kitchen and install new kitchenDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions45 Kinsella Street KARABAR NSW 2620Tim Baxter
DA.2022.1214.A21/10/2022Proposed Shed; Modification: Relocate shedModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications25 Southwell Place KARABAR NSW 2620 Bruceworks Landscape Pty Ltd
DA.2021.1534.A21/10/2022Demolition of shed and construction of a shed; Modification: amendment to shed locationModification ApplicationS4.55(1A) - Minimal environmental impact18 Beatty Place GOOGONG NSW 2620Natasha Hill
DA.2022.156517/10/2022Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling9 Lambrigg Road GOOGONG NSW 2620 Eureka Homes Canberra Pty Limited
DA.2022.154713/10/2022Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling3 Hollitt Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 DJ Homes Canberra Pty Ltd
DA.2022.155313/10/2022Construction of a dwelling house - two storeyDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling18 Courtney Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 APA Homes Pty Ltd
DA.2022.156313/10/2022Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling2 Hollitt Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 Achieve Homes Pty Ltd
DA.2022.156213/10/2022Alterations and additions: addition of living roomDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions368 Back Creek Road MONGARLOWE NSW 2622Charles Matthew Thane
DA.2022.154513/10/2022Installation of a swimming poolDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)224 Plummers Road BURRA NSW 2620David Barry Madden

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