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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionApplication TypeCategoryAddressApplicant Names
DA.2022.159931/10/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling: extend master bedroom and ensuiteDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions63 Pindari Crescent KARABAR NSW 2620Tony John Rowley
DA.2022.159526/10/2022Construction of a dwelling house - two storeyDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling19 Briand Crescent GOOGONG NSW 2620 Burbank Homes NSW
DA.2022.157520/10/2022Construction of a shed and detached carportDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)1548 Old Cooma Road ROYALLA NSW 2620 Simple Site Plans
DA.2022.157620/10/2022Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling14 Zenith Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Matthew Edward Sullivan, Chris Sullivan Constructions Pty Limited
DA.2022.157920/10/2022Construction of a dwelling house – two storeyDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling7 Letsona Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 Bbs Homes
DA.2022.153912/10/2022Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling5 Halliday Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 Achieve Homes Pty Ltd
DA.2022.152211/10/2022Construction of single storey dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling14 Lambrigg Road GOOGONG NSW 2620 Achieve Homes Pty Ltd
DA.2020.1610.A5/10/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling; Modification: Alteration of laundry, addition of hallway and relocation of doorModification ApplicationS4.55(1A) - Minimal environmental impact54 Ryrie Street BRAIDWOOD NSW 2622Bruce Macartney Condell
DA.2017.242.A30/09/2022Alterations & Additions to Existing Dwelling; Modification: Change shed size from 16x7m to 16x8mModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications70 Wilson Street BRAIDWOOD NSW 2622Dionisia Salas
DA.2022.149329/09/2022Demolition of existing carport and part of the existing dwelling; alterations and additions to existing dwelling; construction of a new carport and conversion of part of the existing shed into alfrescoDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions3 Kathleen Street QUEANBEYAN NSW 2620Gina Carmody
DA.2011.113.A9/09/2022Dwelling - Dual Occupancy; Modification: change size of windows and doorsModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications29 Saddle Place ROYALLA NSW 2620Ross Haris Monk
DA.2021.1313.A30/08/2022Alterations & additions to existing dwelling, change of use fro a garage to a secondary dwelling, demolition of existing shed, construction of a shed and tree removal; Modification: Change setback of garage and size and location of shedModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications3 Brudenell Drive JERRABOMBERRA NSW 2619Nathan John Austin
DA.2022.140617/08/2022Alterations and additions: construction of a sun room and pergola and landscapingDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions10 Unwin Avenue JERRABOMBERRA NSW 2619Candice Van Duren
DA.2022.140416/08/2022Demolish garage, alterations and additions to existing dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions16 Ernest Street CRESTWOOD NSW 2620 Dxt Constructions
DA.2021.1048.A16/08/2022Construction of a detached dual occupancy and farm shed; Modification: relocate first dwelling and amend floor area of second dwellingModification ApplicationS4.55(2) - Major Modifications2052 Sutton Road SUTTON NSW 2620Alison Piper

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