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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionApplication TypeCategoryAddressApplicant Names
CC.2022.1011.A17/03/2023Construction of a dwelling house, garage, alfresco, swimming pool and related landscaping; Modification to doors and windows plus tree removalModification ApplicationConstruction Certificate Council892 Burra Road BURRA NSW 2620Paul Tilse
DA.2023.010417/03/2023Construction of a farm shedDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)7 Stony Creek Place CARWOOLA NSW 2620 Clearspan Builders Pty Ltd
DA.2021.1116.B1/03/2023Installation of a manufactured dwelling; Modification: remove condition requiring occupation certificateModification ApplicationS4.55(1) Minor Modification80 Sandhills Road MOUNT FAIRY NSW 2580Stephen Peter Zoneff
DA.2022.1039.A21/02/2023Construction of a dwelling house – two storey; Modification: change dwelling from two storey to single storeyModification ApplicationS4.55(1A) - Minimal environmental impact56 Mary Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Harvinder Singh Sidhu
DA.2023.007116/02/2023Construction of a patioDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)116 Fergus Road KARABAR NSW 2620 Annic Construction Pty Ltd
DA.2023.007216/02/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions30 Morton Street QUEANBEYAN NSW 2620Bianca Louise Silveira E Santos
DA.2023.006313/02/2023Construction of a retaining wallDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)47 Birchfield Drive BUNGENDORE NSW 2621 Modarch Building Group Pty Ltd
DA.2023.00609/02/2023Construction of shed and retaining wallDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)286 Badgery Road BURRA NSW 2620Alister Campbell McArthur
DA.2023.00619/02/2023Construction of a dwelling house - two storeyDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling18 Lambrigg Road GOOGONG NSW 2620Tim Zuber
DA.2023.00538/02/2023Continued use of shed as a secondary dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential - New Second Occupancy102 Southfork Place ROYALLA NSW 2620 Jenom Constructions Pty Limited
DA.2023.00558/02/2023Alterations & additions to dwelling house: new living area & laundry roomDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions68 Bohmers Lane BYWONG NSW 2621Rodney Charles Harvey
DA.2023.00527/02/2023Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling8 Hungerford Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 DJ Homes Canberra Pty Ltd
DA.2023.00476/02/2023Construction of a dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling9 Austin Grove GOOGONG NSW 2620 DJ Homes Canberra Pty Ltd
DA.2023.00452/02/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling; addition of deck & pergolaDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions85 Uriarra Road CRESTWOOD NSW 2620 The Trustee For The Bason Family Trust
DA.2023.004027/01/2023Construction of a dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling12 Hungerford Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 BBS Homes

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