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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionApplication TypeCategoryAddressApplicant Names
CDC.2022.1001.A30/03/2023Modification of CDC consent – CDC.2022.1001 – Internal alteration to the existing dwelling and construction of an external deck.Modification ApplicationComplying Development Certificate Council260 Harolds Cross Road CAPTAINS FLAT NSW 2623Scott David Burrows
DA.2023.013230/03/2023Contruction of a single storey dwelling,Development ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling6 Cobb Court BUNGENDORE NSW 2621Robert Jukic
DA.2023.013129/03/2023Single Dwelling Two-Storeys with an associated garage, alfresco and landscape worksDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling17 Hollitt Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Meetu Sharma Saxena
DA.2023.013029/03/2023Construction of a dwelling house - two storeyDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling4 Unthank Street GOOGONG NSW 2620 Apa Homes Pty Limited
DA.2023.012929/03/2023construction of a single storey dwelling with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living, kitchen and double garage.Development ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling8 Nelson Terrace BUNGENDORE NSW 2621Lucas Sena
DA.2023.012829/03/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling house; addition of a cellar, demolish existing carport, construction of two garagesDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions52-54 Turallo Terrace BUNGENDORE NSW 2621Kristy Moyle
DA.2023.012729/03/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling house; new upper level, ground floor extensions and secondary dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions42 Nummerak Close CARWOOLA NSW 2620Toby Arthur Johnson
DA.2023.012629/03/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling house; Demolition of car port and retaining wlal, construction of retaining wall, carport, bathroom and ensuiteDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions353 Macs Reef Road BYWONG NSW 2621Shane Eric Loggie
DA.2023.012529/03/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling house; extension of master bedroom and walk in robe, addition of ensuiteDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions1768 Federal Highway Service Road SUTTON NSW 2620Chou Keun Monita Ng
DA.2023.012429/03/2023Construction of a secondary dwellingDevelopment ApplicationResidential - New Second Occupancy3837 Kings Highway BUNGENDORE NSW 2621Kristy Moyle
DA.2023.012329/03/20236 Lot Torrens Title subdivision, demolition of dwelling, alterations and additions to an existing dwelling and construction of 5 new dwelling houses.Development ApplicationSubdivision20 Gilmore Place QUEANBEYAN WEST NSW 2620Chris Heyward
DA.2023.012229/03/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling house; extension to living area and add garageDevelopment ApplicationResidential Alterations and Additions18 Elmslea Drive BUNGENDORE NSW 2621Benjamin Gregory Strong
DA.2023.012129/03/2023Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling20 Hungerford Street GOOGONG NSW 2620Marcus Tarzia
DA.2023.012029/03/2023Construction of a dwelling house - two storeyDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling21 Reginald Road GOOGONG NSW 2620 Oztal Architects Pty Limited
DA.2023.011929/03/2023Construction of a dwelling houseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling42 Lambrigg Road GOOGONG NSW 2620 Arp Constructions Pty Limited

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